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B2B e-commerce refers to online transactions that take place between two companies. These transactions are made through a B2B Travel Portal, which works similar to an online store, the difference being that it addresses a company, and not an individual. We say that they are similar, because their role is the same, namely to offer clients the products and/or services of the company that owns it like MULTILINK. MULTILINK is a B2B Travel Portal which provides you the service to book domestic and international flight tickets. You can start your own business by collaborating with MULTILINK. The only thing you need is a smart phone if you have a laptop or a computer it will work as icing on the cake and a good internet connection. 

The concept of B2B e-commerce is constantly evolving, and depending on the way in which transactions take place, B2B Travel Portal for flight consists of the following features:

  1. Product: All domestic and international flights, you can book one way, round trip as well as multi city connections.
  2. Costing: You will get all sort of information regarding the price. You will get the lowest cost available in the market you can choose and compare the price between the airlines. You will get the discounted or offer price list also. Once the booking is confirmed you will get a convenient way to make the payment.
  3. Payment Methods: You will get multiple payment options like you can pay the amount by RDS (credit amount you have taken from the company and later on you have to make the payment), credit or debit card and wallet as well. The payment will be updated on the system with us if it is RDS balance then you have to clear the previous balance in order to take a new credit amount or amount can be directly paid in banks.
  4. Availability:  You can do n number of bookings as there is no limit. You can check the availability by sending us an email or enquiry on or for bulk bookings. Also we have option to check price offline by the above mentioned emails.
  5. Offers And Discounts: You can check offers and discounts going on once you login. You will also get the information by the registered email id and mobile number.
  6. Help And Support: Portal itself will provide the options to manage payments and bookings, you will be able to check your booking’s confirmation, booking history, pending bookings, tickets can be printed also you will be able to reschedule or cancel the booking.
  7. Customer Support: The whole process is centralized the system will also provide you the benefit to clear your doubts more with the help of travel executives who will be available on call support.
  8. Mobile App : Bookings on your mobile. If you are an android phone user you will get the access to mobile application after logging in simply with your login Id and Password. You can download it from play store. You can access this anytime anywhere for bookings.

How does a B2B Travel Portal work?

The system is user friendly. It is very easy to understand and access there is few simple steps which you need to follow:

1.      Open fill your login details like:

            Login Id:

            Password: *************

            K – Code: 12345

Once you will register with Multilink you will get the agent K-code which will be considered as your ID as a travel agent.

2.      After logging in select SERVICES > TRAVEL> FLIGHT BOOKING.

3.      By clicking on Flight Booking the Flight Ticket Booking Engine will open with various options. From there you can start your bookings.

Some of the advantages that a B2B Travel Portal offers are:

  • Increased customer loyalty: It provides safe and secure environment to build trust between the seller and buyer. Easy to manage customer relationship.
  • Access to a promotional and sales channel: Available 24/7, accessible from anywhere there is an internet connection, including from mobile platforms.
  • Facilitated customer communication: Customer support is available on emails and calls.
  • Real time: Time to time offer updates
  • An easy way to present: A large number of product characteristics.
  • The possibility to attach: Images, presentations, video demonstrations and other multimedia information to help improve the sales process.
  • Eliminate costs of printing catalogs: Electronic format for catalogs is available.
  • Access to a wide variety: of promotional methods, specific to the online trade, newsletters, banners etc.
  • Access to a flexible application that can be personalized on the business specifics, workflows, and so on.

Both Agents and Distributors in the B2B field can own an e-commerce platform. Because each of them has different needs, therefore the B2B travel portals offer different advantages. Thus:

A B2B Travel Portal for Distributors offers:

  • Complete catalogues with pictures
  • Detailed products specifications
  • Multiple measurement units for the same product
  • Multi-warehouse storage
  • A quick and easy way to order

A B2B Travel Portal for Agents offers:

  • Increased security
  • Access to the negotiated prices
  • Detailed information about flight and offer price
Information about the booking status and history
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