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The travel distributor business model from Multilink helps you to create a network of travel agents all over india, providing you with a great opportunity to earn excellent commission and to be a part of the fastest growing travel & tourism industry in India.

The Market Size
The travel and tourism industry contributed a total of 113.2 billoin u.S. dollers to GDP in India in 2013-this accounted for 5.35 percent of India's total GDP. The industry directly provided more than 22 million jobs in that year. not only is india yhe second largest tourism market in Asia after China, the country was also ranked in the twenty fastest-growing tourism destinations worldwide by the World Travel and Tourism Council. Placed eleventh in the list, the direct contribution of travel and tourism to GDP in India is expected to grow an average of 6.4 perecent annully between 2014 and 2024. This provides greate scope to become a travel distributor to form etwork of travel agents all over India.

The Multilink Advantage
Multilink is no. 1 Franchise Company in India offering numerous franchies business models including travel agent franchies (travel ageny). the company is trusted by over 20k agents all over India including a larg proporttion of agents holding travel agency franchies. The travel agency distributorship comes with numerious travel business segments including irctc ticket booking, ar ticket booking, bus ticketing, holding tour bookings, hotel bookings and more. the travel agency distributorship is not only confined to travel business, however, it will also provide business opportunity into money trnsfe, mobole recharge, utility services & more.
Features ; Travel Distributor Model:

  1. Capability of appointing network of travel agents throughout country.
  2. travel services : Airticket, Bus ticket, Hotel booking< Travel insurance, holiday Packages
  3. Utility services : Mobile Rechare, Money trf., Essel world ticket & more.
  4. Advance technology minimizing the chance of errors.
  5. capacity to earn excellent commissions.
  6. Excellent ROI (Return on investment)
Marketing & Merchandising Support :
Multilink provides the following support to its master mobile distributor-board, banner, brochures,pamphlets and certificate of Endorsement (Complimentary Online training programs for Master Mobile Distributors only).

How to Become A Travel Distributor
The travel Agency distributorship business with Multilink can be started with very minimum inverstment and with basic formalities. In order to become travel agency distributor 7 know more from us please do fill the form provided below; our sales executive will get in touch with you in no time... helping you with all the necessary information to start your own travel agency distributorship business with us instantaly.

Become A Travel Distributor In 3 Simple Steps:
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2) Send Your Documents
3) Receive License & Start Business
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