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We have been using Business-in-a-box for 10 months now and we are very happy that we chose the right ecommerce solution for us.  The support and training we received has been excellent. Our new online store looks great and our customer feedback has been very positive. The store not only looks well but is easy to navigate and the backend system is very straightforward to use.

Seema Gandhi; Housewife Baroda

"Because of Business-in-a-box, our online stores have really taken off. It has helped give us a whole other dimension to our business. I really like the reporting features and rely heavily on them. Business-in-a-box has helped us increase our sales by having an online presence. Even with the economy down, we still have been very busy and that has helped keep us going." -

Sameer Rana; Insurance Agent; Delhi

My experience with Business-in-a-box started about a year ago we have spent a lot of money and a lot of time with another company that told us "we can do it, we are working it" and after a year of production we had nothing to show. I talked to my friend Manish and he suggested Business-in-a-box within 7 days we had a working ecommerce portal with all the features he said we would have. We have continued to grow over the last year.

Pradeep Mohanty; Shanti Agencies; Guwahati

I never thought it would be possible to get an ecommerce portal that does everything that this one does without paying a LOT more money for it. Just perfect for entrepreneurs like me

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